Founders do have to answer to someone

Whether you're self-funded or not, you still have a master. Use that to focus.

Unless you’re sat on piles of cash, in this world you’re going to be answering to someone.

Most founders relish “being their own boss” but the reality is that you still answer customers and/or investors. They are what pays the bills. Follow the money and you find your boss.

If you raised money, your investors are the ones exerting pressure on you and usually holding an immense amount of your fate in their hands. Keeping them informed is key should you need their help e.g. a bridge round.

If you didn’t raise money, you have customers.

In both cases, without customers your business is nothing, so they need to be handled with great care.

NPS is a decent starting point but you need higher-fidelity feedback.

One of the best things you can do today is to get on the phone with a customer and ask them how your service could be better.

Having outstanding customer service is one of the most powerful points of differentiation and the easiest way to build customer advocacy.