When you manage people you feel like you get nothing done

The answer is to pay attention to what matters

If your business is growing, you're getting further away from the 'real' work. First as a manager, then as a manager of managers, and so on.

This is compounded by the fact your work is becoming more 'strategic' i.e. long term. If I make a code change, I see it immediately. If I manage a project, I see that over a month or two. If I manage a business, I am steering a tanker that might take 6 - 18 months to be where I want it to be.

It's important to realise that this is where you are most valuable and should be spending your time i.e. coaching others, making strategic decisions.

So what's the solution?

First thing Monday morning, before slack/emails etc, I open a set of reports that show the state of your business. I create a folder of bookmarks in Chrome then right click to open them all together. I check that things are trending in the right direction. I check sales reports, billable time, team feedback via officevibe, high level client analytics etc

I use OKRs and other metrics as a filter for ‘if things are working’. My input is the budget for each team and these are the outputs. Over a long-enough period you will see trends and can act on them.

If you really need the satisfaction of doing some ‘actual work’, keep a task or process that you own that you can get your fix on.