Making decisions faster is usually more important than deliberation

April 2022

I see a lot of companies fund raising and here are my thoughts
Learn about the systems that will help you succeed

January 2022

Once you have the right people in the right seats… delegation is straightforward. Step 1. The Outcome What needs to be achieved? What does success look…

September 2021

Borrowing from Andy Grove, Rands, Phil Jackson etc

August 2021

Lessons from expanding from London to New York and onwards
A sore topic for all of us
YOLO... so why gamble on a success that won't make you happy
The route to growth and high valuations
From over a decade of notes about scaling businesses I will share advice that you can read in 30 seconds. Management, tech, strategy, tech and…
Have you looked who's in charge?
Whether you're self-funded or not, you still have a master. Use that to focus.